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a collaborative musical experience

The language of music is universal around the world. All humans feel the need to connect with love and language and music.  Playing music with others, even strangers, provides a feeling of connection that is unparallelled.

Do you want to experience that, but think you don’t have enough musical talent?  Or do you play an instrument but don’t have time for a band and still desire that musical connection with others?

I’ve played guitar for almost 25 years. But what gets me the most excited about music is collaborating with others.  I’ve been in a bunch of bands over that time, and they are incredibly rewarding.  But they also require a lot of work, time practicing alone, rehearsal, coordinating of schedules, managing interpersonal relationships, equipment, practice spaces, travel, set lists, booking gigs, etc.  There’s a LOT to make it happen.  This makes it a block for many people who don’t have the skill (or time) to pull all of that off.  Or in my case, if you are traveling a ton and not in one place for all that long.

So for most people, in order to participate in that collaborative musical experience without carving out all that time, they might do karaoke with friends or go to a drum circle.  But I’ve always found that karaoke misses live music and drum circles lack singing). So I have an idea for something that bridges the gap.  That feels more like you are playing in a band and can perform without all of the commitment. It’s a collaborative musical experience. Here’s an example.

Interested in joining me in a meetup?

If you’re a musician, bring your guitar, percussion, harmonica, your pipes, and I’ll give you the key and chords or the chance to write music.  If you’re not a musician, bring something to make noise with – spoons, a water bottle, kazoo, etc.  I’ll also bring some toy instruments you can play if you have nothing.  We’ll play a popular song together – I’ll give you the lyrics (and chords if you want them) and we make a music video together.  I walk you through how to play the entire song.  It’s like those Jimmy Fallon videos where a bunch of people all cram into a room play toy instruments to a popular song.  Then afterwards, once we’re all warmed up, we write a brand new song.  Maybe we’ll even improvise a bit. Yes you can do it, even if you have ZERO musical experience.  I promise. Come try it out.

I’m not the performer here.  You are.  I’m just the facilitator.  In fact, I don’t like being in the spotlight.  But I do love when the walls between performer and audience are torn down (like when a singer comes into the audience and lets the audience sing the chorus).

I was told growing up I had an awful singing voice so I didn’t play music or sing for about 10 years afterwards (thankfully a friend prompted me to try again in my teens).  And I’m on a mission to prove that you have what it takes to participate in music in a group environment.  I promise it will be an experience you won’t forget.

So come try it out.  There’s never been a performance exactly like the one we’ll create and there never will be again.

Playing live music can heal and be a creative outlet. And bond you with others. And build confidence. It can relax you and energize you. The ways in which it benefits you are unlimited. And everyone deserves to feel that. Regardless if you have been told you can’t sing or not. 

Contact me to collaborate!

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